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Are you looking for training that you will not only enjoy but that also offers you a great job perspective? Are you committed, interested in technology, team oriented and flexible? Then simply choose the direct path to a successful future: with training at DMG MORI.

With us, you begin your training

Apart from technological training in the fields “metal working” and “electronics”, the DMG MORI also offers first-class training opportunities in business administration, and also in information- and communication technology, culminating in work-study programs at universities of cooperative education or technical colleges.

Training Locations

GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen Bielefeld
SAUER Stipshausen


The DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH, as a part of the DMG MORI group, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machine tools. In Seebach we are producing CNC-milling machines like the so called DMU, DMC and DMF. These are universal milling machines, vertical machining center and travelling column milling machines.  The success of the company is carried out by over 700 employees. Amongst them are about 75 trainees and students. We offer a manufacturing capacity of 2000 machines per year. The markets we focus on include industry sectors like airspace, automotive, medical technology and many others. The DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH is one of the largest established development and production facilities in the milling sector and has a strong market position. Our experience is based on more than 100 years of history in manufacturing milling machines. Our products are often the beginning of many process chains and are continuously improved on a daily basis.

DMG MORI Bielefeld

GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen Bielefeld

The competence center for Turning in Bielefeld stands for the highest technological competence and innovation capability in the areas of turning and Turn&Mill.
With a total of around 1,000 employees, including 500 for GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, and the headquarters of DMG MORI AG, Bielefeld is the group's European headquarters.
The product range extends from universal milling machines, such as the CTX beta series and the CTX 2500 since 2017, through horizontal and vertical production turning machines to complete machining centers with a turning milling spindle (CTX TC series).

Since 2017 the flexible automation solution Robo2Go as well as the Lasertec 30 SLM, a machine for laser application welding with powder bed, are produced in Bielefeld as well.

DMG MORI Stipshausen

SAUER Stipshausen

SAUER GmbH is a member of the internationally operating technology group DMG MORI and produces with more than 200 employees at two locations, Stipshausen u. Pfronten, the 5-axis CNC machine tool series "ULTRASONIC" and "LASERTEC". With ULTRASONIC, e.g. Hard-to-cut materials such as glass, sapphire, ceramic, carbon fiber or hard metal economically processed. The LASERTEC technology segment focuses on additive manufacturing, engraving, surface structuring, drilling or cutting using the latest laser sources.
With a modern company training, SAUER makes an important contribution to the qualification of young people. SAUER GmbH offers a total of six apprenticeships for school graduates. In the commercial sector, this is the training as an Industrial Management Assistant and Management Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade. The four technical training courses in electronics technician, industrial mechanics, metal cutting mechanics and mechatronics are also being trained. These work across the entire range of machine tools for an emerging product area. In addition, there is the possibility to study a commercial or technical profession in a dual course at a university. From beginning, all young specialists are optimally prepared for the requirements of the modern world of work and strengthened them in digital competencies.

Beste Ausbilder Deutschlands

DMG MORI offers you great education and study opportunities, as well as excellent career prospects. This was recently confirmed in the study "Beste Ausbilder Deutschlands" by Capital and as well as by FOCUS and Faktenkontor.

Overview for our training position

Merchants / Specialist for Office Management

As Merchants / Specialist for Office Management, you carry out organizational and commercial activities. They do the internal and external correspondence, design presentations, procure materials, plan and monitor appointments, prepare meetings and organize business travel.
You also support personnel deployment planning, order materials, serve customers, work on the order processing, write invoices and monitor payment receipts and purchase external services. Merchants / Specialist for office management also take on tasks in marketing and sales, in public relations and in event management as well as in personnel and warehouse management.

Requirements and interests:

  • Qualified secondary school leaving certificate, middle school leaving certificate or graduation from High school
  • You are interested in business operations
  • You are careful and responsible
  • You are sociable and can express themselves in words and words
  • You are interested in PC-working and have a good ability to concentrate
  • You like to work in a team

Duration of apprenticeship
3 years

Training Location

Electronics Installer, Special field: Operational Technology

As a future electronics installer, you should possess exceptional abilities in technology and physics. You will ensure that everything having to do with electricity and energy in the machines we manufacture is operating smoothly. Furthermore, you will learn to detect malfunctions, both in our plants as well as for our customers, to isolate them and to repair them, so that trouble free operation can resume.

Duration of Training
3.5 years

Training Locations
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld

Industrial Clerk

As an industrial clerk you are working in several many-sided and interesting departments of our company - ranging from the materials-procurement to the sales of our products. You plan, organize, calculate, administer and stay in regular contact with our customers, business partners and your collegues. Because of this you possess a high amount of specialized know-how, communicational qualities and flexibility. Your job may also include tasks related to the human resources department, like the calculation of salaries or the support of fellow employees.

Duration of Training
2 to 3 years

Training Locations
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld

Industrial Mechanic

As an industrial mechanic you will have versatile responsibilities within our assembly divisions. If you have technical interests and you are dexterous, you will learn to assemble turning centres and milling machines from diverse parts and modules, to make them operational, to maintain them, and to repair them in the event of failure.

Duration of Training
3.5 years

Training Locations
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld
DECKEL MAHO Geretsried GmbH
DMG MORI Systems GmbH, Hüfingen

IT Specialist, Special Field: Systems Integration or Application Developmen

As an IT specialist, you excel because of exceptional mathematical and technical abilities, and organizational talent. It is your responsibility to recognize informational- and communication-related problems, and solving them. Consequently, you install hard- and software components, you configure them, thus connecting them to form a complex information- and communication network. Furthermore, you maintain existing networks from day to day, and support users in their daily operations with these systems.

Duration of Training
3.5 years

Training Location

Mechatronics Technician (f/m) for Field Service

You learn to assemble complex machines and systems from mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Your duties also include to set up operations, to program and to install corresponding software. As a specialist, you are able to work based on writing diagrams and drawings. In addition, you learn to maintain, repair and retrofit our machines. Already during the apprenticeship period you acquire service-specific knowledge.
You will be trained in a practical and forward-looking manner and will be prepared for future service assignments in the field with our customers.  

Your perspective after completion of your apprenticeship: exciting assignments & career opportunities as Field Service Technician near to your place of residence with one of our regional sales & service branch subsidiaries (Hamburg, Hilden, Bielefeld, Stollberg, Bad Homburg, Leonberg or Geretsried)!  


  • At least a General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Good grades especially in science
  • Basic English skills
  • ​Strong technical interest, logical understanding, mechanical abilities as well as good perception
  • Independent work style, team spirit, high motivation
  • Customer orientation and strong communication skills 


3,5 Jahre


The apprenticeship takes place at the above-mentioned locations of our production facilities in cooperation with the respective sales & service branch.

GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld/North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH, Seebach/Thuringia, Germany
DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH, Pfronten/Bavaria, Germany

Mechanical Electronics Engineer

If you interested in a combination of electric engineering, mechanics and computer engineering, then the profession of the mechanical electronics engineer is exactly the right one for you.
As a mechanical electronics engineer, you will learn to put together modules and components to form systems, as well as installing hard- and software components and testing them.
You will be working primarily in our assembly departments or at on site assembly projects, but the service sector may also become an area of operation for you.

Duration of Training
3.5 years

Training Location
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH

Metal Removal Mechanic

Technology and computers play an important role in for today’s metal removal mechanic. You should therefore possess good technical abilities, spatial sense, concentration, and responsiveness.
At our corporation, you can pursue three fields within the vocation of metal removal mechanic: milling-, turning-, or grinding technology. Job responsibilities include programming the turning, milling, or grinding machines, respectively, to get them ready for production and, finally, also to operate them and control them.

Duration of Training
3.5 years

Training Location
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld

Tracer, Special Field: Machine- and Systems Engineering

If you possess graphic- or computational skills, spatial sense and a good judgment for precision, then this is exactly the right profession for you. As an associate of our engineers and designers, you will draw individual parts to scale, according to templates, drafts or instructions. This work is the basis for the production of our high-tech machines and systems, and is nowadays increasingly done at the computer.

Duration of Training
3.5 years

Training Locations
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld



If you already have a degree from a technical college or a college degree, and are looking for a meaningful alternative to additional schooling, you qualify for our educational programs in cooperation with a vocational academy or a technical college. These programs feature a unique combination of theory and practice:

While we look for highly qualified management trainees for our corporation in these programs, this educational track also offers you the following advantages:

  • financial support throughout the course of study
  • acquisition of extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience
  • personal and qualified professional support for degree- and final year projects
  • excellent preparation for entry into the profession of an engineer or MBA

DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH, Seebach

Dual Studies at DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH

Combination of theory and practice!

We don‘t cut any corners when it comes to education! Two partners have the task to qualify you in the best way possible: the DH Gera-Eisenach to teach the theory and us, the DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH, as a place for practical experiences, each in a quarterly change. So you are both at the same time: a student at the university and an employee of our company.

What´s the best about it?

  • Academic studies with a high percentage of practical content which gives you job experience while being a student.
  • Effective study groups. Fixed courses increase the intensity of studies, the motivation and the team.
  • Exercises, lectures and laboratory tests in small groups.
  • Attractive design and highly modern equipment.
  • Financial independence thanks to monthly payment.
  • Short studies and individual support by professors and external guest lecturers.
  • International accepted degree as a bachelor of engineering with the possibility of a master degree.
  • Very good opportunities of an overtake after successful graduation.

Dual studies in cooperation with a renowned university

In a nutshell – linking of theory and practice

  • beginning:  October 1st
  • degree:  Bachelor of Engineering
  • duration:  3 years or 6 semesters with quarterly changing theory- and practice phases
  • ECTS-points:  180

Range of courses

  • Electrical Engineering/ Automation technology (Campus Gera)
  • Design Engineering (Campus Eisenach)
  • Mechatronics and Automation (Campus Eisenach)

Requirements and Application

  • For engineering studies you will need to be interested in solving technical tasks, you need the ability to logical thinking and a very good understanding for mathematics and sciences.
  • You need the „Allgemeine Hochschulreife“, the „Fachhochschulreife“ or a other subject-related entrance qualification. Especially qualified employees can get a admission after passing a test.
  • First of all you have to send an application to the DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH including a letter, a CV, copies of your last certificates.
  • After your successful application we will enter a contract for your studies whereby form and substance are given by the university. After that you will receive the further documents from the university. After your successful matriculation your dual studies with us are ready to begin.
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld

Theory and Practice combined!

The dual studies offer the opportunity for you to combine an IHK-apprenticeship with the academic Bachelor of Science. The University of Applied Science Osnabrück imparts the theoretical knowledge and GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH provides practical know-how. Thus you are optimally prepared for career entry.

Our Offering

  • Academic studies with an integrated apprenticeship
  • IHK-graduation in apprenticeship
  • Internationally recognized degree as Bachelor of Science in connection with the opportunity of a following master’s degree
  • Week of preparation of study for first semester students as well as mathematical pre-semester
  • Financial independence through monthly allowance
  • Excellent opportunities of an overtake after successful graduation
  • Opportunity of staying abroad
  • Effective support through mentoring and tutoring programs provided by University of Applied Science Osnabrück
  • Intensive personal and professional support through training supervisors by GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH

Study Offer in Partnership with University of Applied Science Osnabrück

At a glance

  • Beginning of training at GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH: August/ September
  • Beginning of studies at University of Applied Science Osnabrück: March/ April (the following year)
  • Duration: a total of 4,5 years, including half a year of vocational training in advance of the studies
  • Duration of study: 8 semesters with alternating phases of theory and practice
  • Degree: IHK-graduation, Bachelor of Science
  • ECTS points: 180

Field of study

  • Course of study Electrical Engineering in Practical Networks (University of Applied Science Osnabrück)
    • Specialization Electrical and Computer engineering
    • Specialization Automation/ Energy
    • Specialization Electronics/ Communication
  • Course of study Mechanical Engineering in Practical Networks (University of Applied Science Osnabrück)

    • Specialization Development and Construction
    • Specialization Production Engineering

Study Requirements and Application

  • General qualification for university entrance, advanced college entrance qualification or a study relevant university entrance qualification
  • Goods school grades in mathematics, physics, chemistry and technology
  • Interest in technical tasks
  • Ability to think logically
  • Good understanding of mathematics and natural science

To apply for the dual studies at GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, please submit the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae in table form
  • The last two school certificates
  • Letters of recommendation of internships and other activities

After the first screening of the applications, we are going to invite you to an online suitability test. In this test you have to answer questions with regards to technology and natural sciences. After successfully mastering the online test, we invite you to an Assessment Center. During personal interviews as well as group tasks we would like to get to know you. Besides that, you can get an idea of the company through the factory tour and the company presentation. A few days after the Assessment Center, you will receive feedback from us. If we decide for you, we conclude a contract for the entire duration of the dual studies.

Job offers

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