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Robo2Go Milling

Flexible workpiece handling for small to medium batch sizes

  • One app for uniform control of all Robo2Go variants, setting up a new workpiece < 5 minutes
  • Strong construction for all requirements: load capacity robot optionally 25 or 35 kg
  • Handling of components 20 - 200 mm in size
  • Full accessibility to the machine is maintained
  • Alignment and turning station for automated 6-sided complete processing


One app for uniform control of all Robo2Go variants.

  • Integrated in the machine control operation via CELOS APP: No need to change your NC programs!
  • Intuitive usability thanks to dialog-guided software
  • Creation of the process through predefined program modules via drag & drop: No robot programming knowledge necessary
  • Setting up a new workpiece < 5 minutes

Robo2Go Milling

  • Strong construction for all requirements: Robot payload optionally 25 or 35 kg
  • Handling of components 20 – 200 mm in size


Exchangeable workpiece trays for maximum flexibility
Flexible gripper system, for workpieces up to 200 × 200 × 200 mm

Exchangeable workpiece trays for maximum flexibility

Flexible gripper system, for workpieces up to 200 × 200 × 200 mm


Advanced Manufacturing: Robo2Go Milling Automation with Advanced Drawer Storage
Robo2Go Milling - DMG MORI

Technical data


DMU 50 3rd Generation

DMU 40/60 eVo

DMU 65/75 monoBLOCK

DMC 650/850V

DMV 115

25 kg

35 kg

● available