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Horizontal Production Turning Overview

The CTX 4A, NZX and NZX-S series form the youngest generation of DMG MORI production turning machines. Every series sets new standards with respect to quality, safety and economic viability at the time of manufacturing highly precise rotating parts in average to large numbers.

From metal-cutting fabrication of larger quantities or series, right up to mass fabrication, DMG MORI offers a wide range of automatic turning centres. The SPRINT automatic turning machines particularly focus on the flexible processing of workpieces having simple to complex geometry. SPRINT automatic turning centres with SWISSTYPEkit are suitable for turning with a guide bush or without, whereas CNC-controlled multi-spindle automatic turning centres target the series production of complex precision parts.

​​​​​​​Horizontal production turning with revolvers

Our revolver production turning machines have up to three revolvers with three Y-axes and a built-in B-axis. Thanks to up to three tool carriers, our horizontal lathes are perfect for the series production of both bars and feed components. In addition, the versions are available with three revolvers without a B-axis and with two revolvers. It should also be noted that the two-revolver version also uses the TWIN concept that is available for our production turning machines.

This unique workspace concept with two revolvers and the cross stroke of the counter-spindle and tailstock combination makes possible processing in two independent workspaces in parallel. On the one hand, you can process long workpieces, such as shafts, on our turning machines with the support of the tailstock on a four-axis basis. On the other hand, this enables the collision-free front machining of long parts on the main spindle and counter-spindle.

The turning machines in the NZX-S series and the CTX beta 1250 CS are designed for manufacturing crankshafts or camshafts.

Our production turning machines with revolver:

  • NZX-S
  • CTX CS
  • SPRINT revolver
  • NZX
  • CTX 4A